Here Fishy Fishy

Good Afternoon everyone!

imageimageThought you might enjoy a little video on a fun braid. The Fishtail braid is relatively easy to do, and looks like a fun change up to a regular braid.  Try a single braid, on the side or the back, or wrap it into a bun for a beautiful and simple updo style.




Sunshine and Split Ends

Happy Summer Everyone!

image image

I’m sure everyone is enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. I know I try not to complain about the hot days, remembering that there are so few compared to cold winter days.

One thing I’m sure everyone including me is experiencing is ” Summer hair”. It’s a bit more dry, and on the 100% humidity days, it’s just plain UNMANAGEABLE!

One really quick fix is to find cute ways to pull it up and back. There are really great headbands on the market that add a lot of style to your look, and also some fun ideas on the internet on tying fabric or a bandana into a headband.

One thing that is really necessary is to make sure to HYDRATE, inside and out. Drink lots of water (great for every part of your body, including hair). Add a deep conditioner to your regime if you are not already doing so.

As far as humidity goes, there are great products for taming the frizz that comes with it. Aveda Anti-Humectant is a great pomade, along with others. Your stylist should be able to get you on a specific summer product regime that will do wonders!

Whatever you choose for these  (few) warm “sunshiny” days, enjoy them… And let’s all be thankful that we don’t use lemon juice in our hair and baby oil on our bodies anymore.