Early bird gets the worm

Hello friends!

So, I showed up 30 minutes early for my dentist appointment today. This is not unusual for me, I am a stickler for time. I am always at least 15 minutes early for everything in my life. Sometimes this is an annoying quality. I get myself very stressed out that I will be late, and then I end up arriving way to early.

I believe this is due to the fact that I have had a career, where time is essential in success. I must be at the salon at least 15 minutes before my shift starts, so that I can set up and be ready for my first appointment. And, my entire day runs on a time schedule. If I do not stay on time, it ruins my day. Clients who show up on time for their appointment, deserve to be taken on time.

Because my own job is like this, I understand that when I have an appointment anywhere, I show up at the right time, and I would NEVER just ” no show” for them. I also understand and assume that, like me, their livelihood depends on me showing up.  I  am familiar with the consequences of when 1 person shows up late, it becomes a ripple effect throughout the rest of the work day.

And, maybe some people think it’s a bit extreme to show up as early as I do,However,  it does allow plenty of time to read the newest edition of People before getting your teeth cleaned.

Xoxo Jen

Treat of the day

Good Afternoon! Everyone who knows me, knows I love to bake. I love to make treats for my co workers and friends, and do it quite often. I wanted to share our “treat of the day” with you all.Happy Fall Ya’ll


Boy’s club

Good Morning!
This week our stylists were excited to take an advanced men’s

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hair cutting class with our own Ben and Kori. We have been challenged in the past couple years with trends in Men’s hair styles that require much more technicalimagebarbering, and our team has risen to the challenge.image
Thanks to our experts on staff, we learned some great techniques and were able to fine tune our barbering skills. Thank Ben and Kori, for a fantastic class!!image