Loving Change

Happy Fall!

It’s been a fantastic fall so far, beautiful weather and lovely changing leaves. With the change of seasons, comes changing styles. My blondes add richer tones, and my brunettes add red and chocolate tones. It’s so fun for us, as stylists, to change things up for our clients.

Last weekend I had the pleasure to give one of my loved ones a MAJOR change. Our Aunts and Grandmother were visiting from northern Wisconsin. Aunt Mary decided since she had me at her disposal, she would take the plunge… Cut it all off and completely change the color.

When it was happening, I was excited, but also nervous for her reaction.





She LOVED it!!! She was so thankful, and all smiles! And, it was that moment that I thought, “This is why I do what I do.” Moments like this make all the not so perfect moments in hair designing totally worth it. I can give people confidence, and make them feel beautiful, and that makes me believe that I have the greatest job on earth.

I hope that whatever you do for a living, you have moments like these that remind you of why you chose your profession in the first place.

So, thank you Aunt Mary, for putting your confidence in me, and reminding me of my passion!