Stuck in a Rut

Happy 2016 Everyone!!

Now is the time for New Years resolutions and a “New YeLocks-of-Love-2ar, New You” attitude! Sometimes it’s far to easy to get stuck in a rut…in life, in relationships, in your career and in your looks. Just recently, I cut off the ponytail that had become WAY to easy to wear everyday!

Even your stylist gets a little bored with their personal style and with their clients hairstyles. We love a challenge and really love it when you come in with an idea or a picture of a new look! We are happy and excited to share new trends and give our opinions on styles and colors that will be complimentary.

Let’s start 2016 with a new color or haircut, a new personal challenge (maybe a 10k run or a couples retreat), or perhaps competing for a new position or vying for a promotion at work. It’s amazing what a small change in routine can do for getting you out of the “rut” and excited to wake up in the morning!

Happy New Year!