Summer Lovin’


Summer is here!! I think everyone in Wisconsin can appreciate when the weather changes, and we have beautiful, warm and sunny days!

What you may not appreciate is the (sometimes) frizzy, lifeless hair that high humidity can bring with it. If you are struggling with how to manage your hair in the summer, without shaving your head, I’ve got a few suggestions.

There are certain products that can help defrizz, and smooth unruly hair.

A few good ones to try:

  • Aveda Smooth Infusion Lotion
  • Pureology Smooth Perfection
  • KMS Tame Frizz
  • Tigi Lusterizer

These are just a few products that I personally have tried and have had success with in humid and sticky summer weather.

You may also consider trying a new style that is a bit more low and easy maintenance.  A trendy braid, beach waves, your own natural curl, or a fun, pinned back messy updo or bun.

Perhaps now is the time to take the plunge and go for the pixie cut you have been considering.

Hope everyone enjoys their summer, and gets the most out of the short time you have before the leaves drop.



Catch the Wave

Good Morning!!

Spring has sprung! And we are excited to welcome Spring/Summer trends.

The looks for spring and summer are all full of texture and volume! This is a great break from the inevitable damage of flat irons , and, hopefully, a bit less maintenance in your morning routine.

Pretty much every hair style this summer has some amount of wave and movement and a lot of looks showcase curly hair. Keeping waves and curls separated is a challenge when exposed to heat and humidity and getting some movement in naturally straighter textures is an even bigger one.

So catch a wave with the right styling groom, like Tigi Curls Rock, Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion or Anti-Gravity, and Pureology Curl Complete. No, they won’t turn straight hair into curly hair but it does help to coax smoother hair types into loose waves when combined with light scrunching during blow-drying and a big barrel curling iron during finishing. They help keep definition on naturally wavy and curly textures and help reduce frizz. Using the appropriate products will be essential to create and maintain the voluminous and wavy , textured hair that is at the center of the trends.

Another way to keep today’s summer styles full of body and wavy movement is to not weigh hair down in the first place. Set aside any heavy styling grooms and instead reach for something completely weightless that also has some additional hair protecting benefits. A few great choices would be Pureology 21 Benefits, Kevin Murphy Untangler, MorrocanOil Treatment, and KMS Free Shape.

The best thing you can do is take it easy this summer with your beauty routine and with life in general. Enjoy  the many reasons we love spring and summer in Wisconsin! Having a great hairstyle is just a bonus!


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