New Talent

Hello Friends! It’s another beautiful summer day, and I love every minute of it!

Today, I wanted to talk about new stylists entering the industry. I know that people are a bit reluctant to book appointments with brand new stylists, but, let me encourage you to give it a try.

The fact is that these young people are extremely motivated. It’s actually very motivating, as a ” seasoned” hairdresser to witness their excitement for the industry, and for all the new knowledge they are receiving.

It just so happens, that after being in this line of work for 21 years , my own brother , a Marine Corp vet, and former truck driver,has started Beauty school, and plans to make this his career. And, it’s really fun listening to his experiences and seeing the industry from his fresh eyes.

I can honestly say that our up and coming stylists are highly motivated, and learning from the very BEST. So, if the stylist you normally see is busy, if you’re suddenly on a new budget, or if you have young children who want services, but, you don’t want

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to pay high end prices, I encourage you to give these new talents a try. You could end up being pleasantly surprised by the energy and excitement that comes with it.

Have a great day!! XOXO Jen

Get a BOOST from B-12

Good Morning Friends!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend! Maybe, you’re feeling a bit run down after the holiday parties, and festivities. Or, perhaps just from life in general! A great thing to consider is a B-12 shot, to boost energy and increase your metabolism.

As we age, Vitamin B12 injections may be a good alternative to supplements. Vitamin B12 injections improve energy levels, boost metabolism and help burn fat. Additional benefits include detoxifying the body, increased red blood cell production, maintaining a healthy liver and helping regulate a person’s mood and appetite.
Vitamin B12 is usually injected at weekly, bi-weekly or monthly intervals based on individual needs.
Super B12 injections (formerly called skinny shots) include additional B vitamins and amino acids which increase the metabolization of fat. When given weekly, Super B injections can help a person lose weight.

Enjoy the new found energy, and the sunshiny days!