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Just a short note to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. And , we, at Antons, want you to know that we are Thankful for all our clients! Xoxo Jenimg_0172

Face the truth

Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger,me included. Being a 43 year old woman in a career that surrounds me with 20 somethings, reminds me of this on a daily basis. We are ALL flanked by advertisements selling youth and beauty, but, what products , services and service providers can you trust?

I am in a unique position, because I am blessed to be in a high end Medical Spa, where I am privy to all the new products and services and work with the most educated aestheticians,RNs, and a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial surgery, enhancement and rejuvenation.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr Anthony Krausen, at Anton’s Med spa and got some great information about the best treatments, injectables and fillers for each individual’s needs. We also discussed his upcoming event at Anton’s on August 25th, where he will be showcasing his “liquid facelift” on appropriate participants. (For more information on this event, please, visit our webpage and Facebook page)

One distinction I took note of immediately about Dr Krausen, he has a strong conviction never making a person look “overdone” or doing unnecessary services. His philosophy is ” I want people to look like themselves, just, rested and refreshed” and ” looking as young and vibrant as they feel”.

Dr Krausen begins his relationship with each patient with a thorough consultation, in this time he listens to your expectations and needs,and shares an honest, professional opinion.

A very important part of any treatment you may choose to do, is using medical grade skincare. Both Dr Krausen, and the Anton’s MedSpa service providers are strong advocates of this. “It’s about achieving and protecting the results you’ve invested in” says Dr Krausen, You cannot expect professional, long lasting results without using professional products. Dr Krausen will always give his skincare recommendations for use both before and after any treatments he performs, such as Skinmedica Ha5, a glycolic acid and retinol, to name a few.

His liquid facelift consists of a series of Botox, fillers, injectables and lip filler/ lift ,tailored to each patient, that mimics a facelift. Giving you a rested, lifted and rejuvenated appearance, without the downtime and expense of a traditional surgical facelift. Dr Krausen prefers using a Cannula needle, which reduces bruising, discomfort and needle pokes, benefiting the patient.

We as a society ,Woman and men included, are becoming far more comfortable freely discussing these types of procedures and treatments .It is no longer “taboo” to share your experiences with Botox, fillers, ect.  This leads to better information and a much more educated decision when choosing a provider.

After talking to, and getting to know Dr Krausen, I felt very comfortable suggesting that my husband go in for a consultation to discuss options for the areas around his eyes that concern him. John complains that because of some discoloration and sagging around his eyes, he himself, and his coworkers and friends think he looks tired. He is a former US Marine, and currently works for the military, and is someone I would describe as masculine. He has never been vain, and certainly not a man I would call “metrosexual”. However, he has the energy and body of a much younger man, and would like his outer appearance to match how he feels inside.  He isn’t interested in looking like someone else, just rested and refreshed.  I am very confident in Dr Krausen’s expertise and look forward to seeing the results. I will be sure to keep you all posted!image

The main point here, is, make sure you trust and feel comfortable with any service provider that you choose. They should be knowledgeable, informative, and you should not feel pressure to  do MORE than you feel you need.

Dr Krausen and the nurses and aestheticians at Antons are the best, and most educated providers in the business, and show true compassion and care for their clients.  I trust my face, and that of my loved ones to these exceptional people.

I can’t wait to share the future results with you! Until then, don’t forget the SUNSCREEN!




Hello Friends!

Today our stylists welcomed Kevin Murphy global educator and celebrity stylist/master barber, Jay Fata. We were excited to learn some great barbering techniques and left our class with an excitement for all that is “new” and trending in men’s hair grooming.

Thank you , Jay for the fun, inspirational class! XOXO Jenimg_1016
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