Buyer beware


This is the question of the day. So many times professional hairstylists will use products during a service, and explain the benefits and recommended usage, only for a client to walk out the door empty handed and buy it elsewhere. I would like to explain why NOT to do this.


When you purchase professional hair care( or skin care) products from outside of a salon/spa environment, there are no guarantees that these products are what they say they are. This is diversion. No representative from these companies are allowed to sell outside of a professional salon setting. Most likely these products are old, outdated, or simply FAKES. And, in some cases stolen. Diverted products can be the real thing, but they can also be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe/effective to use. Products are diverted by unauthorized distributors and salons or their employees, plus other dishonest individuals who see profit in piracy. Diverted stock goes through additional layers of distribution where product integrity might be compromised by adverse environmental conditions.When you buy a product from Anton’s, or other salons, that product is guaranteed!

Our suppliers ONLY sell products directly to professional salons/licensed cosmetologists/licensed technicians. Manufacturers (like Aveda/Pureology/Moroccanoil/Kevin Murphy)will only guarantee their products if they are purchased at an authorized retailer, like us. Many of our suppliers require us to sign an agreement, promising that we will not sell professional salon and skincare products to unauthorized retailers, for a profit.

Unauthorized Online Retailers (like Amazon): Many consumers are lured into buying professional salon and skincare products through unauthorized, online retailers because of attractive price points. Similar to unauthorized diverted products in big box stores, products purchased online carry an added risk to the consumer because packaging/tampering/and product condition cannot be inspected before purchasing. Has the bottle been opened? Is the packaging old, damaged, or counterfeit? Online sources have products that have been passed through uncontrolled distribution channels and may be counterfeit, diluted formulas, old, expired and not safe to use.

There are many anecdotal and many “more formal” investigative news stories about counterfeit and dangerous professional salon, makeup, and skincare products, purchased online. Investigative news outlets have documented instances where products are expired, contaminated, or simply made with counterfeit ingredients that do not at all resemble “the real product”. In some cases, these fake products contained dangerous levels of lead and other harmful chemicals. Knock-off products are becoming more prevalent in the professional beauty industry and present a clear risk for the consumer.

Can online products be the real thing? The answer is yes, but how do you know? If you want to purchase online, consider the risks of purchasing products that may not be what you expect.

Is it the cost that concerns you? Yes, professional products are an investment. The reason for this , they are made of high quality ingredients, have been safely and humanly tested, and are guaranteed. It is important to note, just because it’s available at a retail store or online doesn’t mean it’s a better deal. Many times it is the same or even a higher price,  without  a guarantee.

Remember that professional salon and skincare manufacturers will only guarantee products purchased from an authorized retailers – like us!

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand how this is a hot topic for professionals, like myself. Not only do we pride ourselves on our service and skills, but , also in the products we use and recommend. Have a great day, and Happy Spring!


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What’s the difference?

Its been a fun and enlightening season of “lessons” for our stylists. Educators from all over the world , from all different companies, come to Anton’s and give classes on many aspects of our industry. We have welcomed experts from Skinbetter Science, Colorscience, Goldwell, Morrocan oil, Keratin Complex, and Redken, just to name a few.

One topic of conversation that came up during a skill class on color placement, was, If our clients know the difference between Ombré, balayage, baby lights, …. and, if not, how do we determine what they are looking for and hoping to achieve?

Of course, as professionals, we, your stylists, will consult with you and decide what is the right color technique for your needs, but, in the interest of being an educated client, here is a brief break down of these techniques.

An Ombré color is when the color goes from being darkest to lightest gradually. Usually , a full application of color on the entire head. This was very popular in the past 5 years, and is becoming a bit outdated.

A balayage technique takes the place of Ombre. It is a softer look and is a hand painted technique to give a smooth , yet textured look.

Baby lights are very similar to balayage, but a bit softer, finer and very subtle. This is ideal for someone who is new to color, or just looking for a slight brightening , as if they were in the sun for a day.

Hopefully, this will give you enough information to make a good choice, and have better communication with your stylist.

Have a great March, and Happy St Pattys day!

Xoxo Jen