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Managing the mania

Happy Holidays Everyone! Lets talk about something that MOST of us feel, but few admit to, Holiday stress. The holiday season often brings unwelcome guests — stress and depression. And it’s no wonder. The holidays present a dizzying array of demands — parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining, to name just a few. But with […]

Secret Santa

Hello all!! Hope everyone is in the spirit and staying warm! Tis the season for a little Secret santa contest. When you are finished reading this blog entry, go to our Anton’s Facebook page and tell us what your favorite pampering service is at Anton’s , in the salon or spa. We will choose one […]

For your “tool” box

Happy Holiday Season Everyone!! I was recently approached by a friend of mine asking about hot tools. She wondered if the professional, more expensive, tools were really worth the investment. Since it is the gift giving/receiving season, perhaps it would be helpful to share my thoughts about investing in quality blow dryers, flat irons and […]

Take care

It’s 2017, and we are in a new age of wellness. As I’m sure everyone has noticed, there is a new and fabulous trend including using and consuming the best and most pure products. After decades of over consumption and production of fake food and over “chemicaled ” products, we are finally turning a corner […]

Bootox success!

A BIG Thank you to everyone who joined us this past Wednesday for our Bootox event! It was a fun and successful evening with great clients and Antons staff. Hope everyone had a great time and got all their questions answered and picked up some good deals! We look forward to this event every year, […]

Does the Future of Beauty Reside in Our DNA?

Hello Beauty seekers! I stumbled upon a few articles on the subject of how your DNA is related to how your physical body will age, and the possibilities of beauty companies tailoring products for each individual based on their personal DNA information. I personally thought this was a fascinating topic worth discussing! What could this […]

We don’t stop learning

Hi Anton’s Friends! Our stylists have been busy learning some new techniques and skills. Yesterday we welcomed Robert and Patrick from Goldwell, who showed us some new trends and shared some different techniques. We get so excited by these classes, and can’t wait to share them with our guests! How about starting the new season […]

Pretty Pout

Hello and Happy Labor Day!! Hope everyone is enjoying the nice, long weekend! I wanted to talk today about lip filler. Also, I hope to change the old fashioned image of the “duck lip” / “trout mouth” that some of you may have from years ago, or just from seeing less than stellar work. Today, […]

Better choices

Hello again! I wanted to talk today about what’s in our products. What is in our food and body care has become a pretty hot topic lately. And, for good reason, we need to be aware of any unnecessary junk that can be harmful to our bodies. There are many companies choosing to “lose the […]

Like Christmas in August🎁

Hello everyone! Here at Anton’s we have , at least, two months that our clients look forward to most. One is March, the other is August. Why? It’s the BOGO sale on ALL retail items in our boutique. This is the month to stock up on all your favorite products, and , it’s a great […]