Why Go Pro?

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about the reason professional products are worth the investment.

I know that some of you think it’s just a name, like buying a shirt at Express vs. Walmart, but that is not the case.

The quality of ingredients can make all the difference for your hair’s condition. For instance, shampoo from the store contains harsh chemicals that, Yes, it cleans your hair, but it also strips hair of essential oils, color and can be very drying to your scalp. Professional products are formulated with conditioning ingredients to clean while keeping the integrity of your hair and scalp in good shape.

Meanwhile, styling products pose a similar issue. Lesser products contain high amounts of alcohol to give you ” results” but, at the cost of stripping color and drying the hair out.

Bottom line, if you have invested in a beautiful, professional color service and expert haircut, and follow it up with cheap shampoo, you might as well throw your money away.
And, let’s be honest, we love the smell of that Aveda Shampure…

Xoxo Jenaveda-hair-web



Hello readers!

One thing I’d like to discuss today is DIY.

While paging through Glamour magazine last night, I saw a article that was a step by step guide on doing your own color. Not just a retouch, but, ombré and ” color melting”. Now, I’m not suggesting that it’s impossible to get a good result at home, however, some things are best left to the professionals. ie, medical procedures, dentistry, roofing, electrical

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work… and yes, hair color techniques.

Trust me, it may seem like a bargain to buy the $10 box at the drugstore and go for it in the bathroom. But, when it goes wrong, and it does all the time, it will be very costly to fix. Better to spend a bit more up front, and love your end result, than ruin your hair and pay loads of money for a repair that may only be ” as good as we can get today”.

There are so many exciting things going on in hair color these days, and just the knowledge of the stylist is worth the money, let alone their skills. And, you don’t stain your bathroom floors…bonus!

Xoxo Jen

What’s In?


Happy Spring Everyone!
The question every stylist is asked is ” What’s in?” Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall….. What’s in NOW?

The answers in the last few years are a bit more vague then they used to be. Trends feel like they are more open to interpretation these days. The ” Bob” can be long, short, straight, curly, asymmetrical, one length, layered….

So, when asked “What’s In? “, I take into consideration the person in my chair,

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as any good stylist will. Because, even if the Pixie cut is the major trend (which it is), I would never suggest following that trend if it doesn’t suit you or your needs.

As stylists, we owe it to our guests to share industry trends, but also to cater to that individuals needs while staying current.

All that being said, here are a few of the trends in hair we are seeing this spring,

  • Pixie haircuts, texurized and personalized (long fringe, asymmetrical…)
  • Soft ” baby lights”
  • Color melting (a softer approach to ombré )
  • Textured Bobs with soft wave
  • Baylayage highlights/lowlights

Ask your stylist for a change this spring, and trust that they have your best interests in mind. Above all else, have fun with the trends and try something new!!

Xoxo Jen

So many choices…

Good Morning Friends!
So, I woke up this morning and went through my normal coffee, email, workout and shower routine. Then I start the process of getting ready. I stand there in my bathroom, cupboards open, staring at the hundreds of products I own.

So, the question of the day is, how many products does one person really need?

Between the shampoos, conditioners, gels, sprays, ….. And, that’s just the hair. The face? OMG. And, now I’ve become a hard core product pusher on my husband ,too.
So far, he’s just the shampoo, pomade guy.

My thought of the day, the best stylists sell you the products that are truley right for you, and enhance the hair style you’re wearing.

  • So, here are my favorites( and please, share yours)
  • Pureology 21 Benefits spray
  • Kevin Murphy Young Again shampoo and Masque
  • Tigi Lusterizer
  • Shaper plus hairspray (a favorite for 20 years)
  • Sebastian Trilliant shine spray- NEVER leave home without it!

Have a great day!

Xoxo Jentigi-web

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Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Jen. I’ve been in the Beauty Biz for 20 years…. So, to all of you doing the math, I’ve been doing hair long enough to remember cutting ” The Rachael” so much I could do it in my sleep!

I’ve worked in one salon my entire career (unheard of, I know!) – Anton’s Salon and Mspa.

When I started, we were a small salon in Oconomowoc, WI, but now, we have two beautiful locations in Pewaukee and Delafield, WI.

I wanted to write a blog that explored all things Beauty, being a stylist, and things that just need to be discussed! And, since I love to bake, maybe a few recipes!

I’d love to answer any questions you may have, and would appreciate any suggestions you have for topics we can discuss together. Can’t wait to get this little party started with all of you!

Xoxo Jen


Smell the Roses

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer and taking advantage of the warm weather and longer days. That being said, I also hope your all taking time to stop and “smell the roses”.

Life is so hectic and busy, and sometimes we forget to make the most of the moment that we are in. Life becomes ” work, errands, laundry, rest… Repeat”.

I am constantly reminding myself that I need to live in the moment, and enjoy TODAY. To stop living in the future and love the day I’m living in. Having a job I love helps. There is a lot to be said for having a career you are passionate about and working for people who truly appreciate your work and treat you like family. It is because of the place I work, and the people I work with, and for, that I have had the opportunities and joy that I’ve had.

I have styled for magazine shoots, done hair and makeup for celebrities,traveled the world and met the most amazing clients and fellow hairdressers.

So, in the midst of moving from one home to another, and dealing with all the stress that goes with it, I wanted to sit down, and be thankful for everyday that I am healthy, happy and alive.
Take the time to take care of yourself. Get a massage, facial or whatever makes you slow down, relax and maintain your inner and outer peace.

Have a great day, and don’t take it for granted. XOXO Jen


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The magic of make up

imageHappy sunny Sunday everyone!

I thought you all would enjoy a step by step guide for make up contouring. And thanks to the talented, Marley at Antons, here you go….. http://flipagram.com/f/dcSGw41t8Y

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