Like Christmas in August🎁

Hello everyone!

Here at Anton’s we have , at least, two months that our clients look forward to most. One is March, the other is August. Why? It’s the BOGO sale on ALL retail items in our boutique. This is the month to stock up on all your favorite products, and , it’s a great time to try some new ones for a discounted price.

Maybe there is a skincare line you’ve been wanting to try. August is a perfect month to make a switch and give it a try. And, of course, as always, our products are 100% guaranteed. If you are not a fan of something, we are glad to exchange it for one that works for you. Just to be sure you are getting the best products for your personal needs, we are always more than happy to consult with you at any time. We have plenty of qualified stylists, estheticians, nail technicians and registered nurses… to help you choose wisely.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer( using SPF, OF COURSE😉),and we hope you are able to take advantage of our August BOGO!

Xoxo, Jen