Massage restores balance and well-being, releases muscular tension and allows your body to move more freely and with greater strength.  All of our massage therapists are highly trained and certified.  Note that different service rates apply.  Extended time available on all massage sessions.

Anton’s Signature Massage - starts at $60

This tailored full body massage treatment promotes wellness through relaxation, alleviating symptoms of stress and muscle tension.

    • 30 minutes, $60
    • 60 minutes, $90
    • 90 minutes, $120

Maternity Massage - 1 hour, $90

This treatment supports and nurtures the mother-to-be and new mother.  Special techniques and custom-designed pillow ensure complete relaxation.  This massage should not be performed in the first trimester.

Raindrop Therapy - 1 hour, $120

Nine powerful essential oils, each with their own healing properties, are dropped along the spine, then gently spread around the entire back.  Heat packs are used to drive the oils into the system and a full body massage completes this amazing treatment.

Warm Stone Massage - 75 minutes, $140

This trademarked massage involves the artful application of warm stones to melt away chronic muscle tension and cool stones to sooth soreness. Warm stones placed along energy patterns enhances a deeper relaxation.

Reflexology - starts at $20

    • 15 minutes, $20
    • 30 minutes, $45

Available Upgrades/Add-ons

  • Deep tissue, $15
  • Aromatherapy, $10
  • Intense Scalp Massage, $15
  • “Eco”fin Soy Treatment for hands or feet, $15