To Good to be true

I wanted to speak on the subject of “quick fix” fat loss treatments. It has become a very popular thing springing up all over… from spas to cosmetic surgeons offices and everywhere in between. Treatments like thermage, cool sculpting, true sculpt, … are an attractive choice for people who want to spot reduce fat with no work, and no downtime.

I can’t say whether or not these treatments are effective or not, but I do have some skepticism. My doubts come from what I feel are some logical questions.

#1, if these treatments are THAT amazing and effective, why is there not a line out the door and a mile long waiting list?

#2, If this is a permanent fat loss solution,why are these treatments so reasonably priced? I would think it would cost a lot more than 1k for that kind of miracle.

#3, Would you even have to advertise this at all, much less constantly?Wouldn’t word of mouth be enough?

#4, why are your “before” pictures a pasty white, unmade up , frowning face gal and the “after” pictures a tanned, made over, smiling and glamorous gal?

Like I said before, I do not have personal experience with these treatments, and can not deny their claims, but I encourage all of you to educate yourselves before spending your hard earned money on things that could be ” to good to be true”.  As for me, I’ll still be hitting the gym💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️

Have a great day!

Xoxo, Jen