aveda products

Aveda is a cruelty-free brand. We do not test on animals and never ask others to do so on our behalf. Our products are “people-tested.”

Being a cruelty-free brand is an important part of our mission to care for the world we live in and for those we live with, and has been since our founding in 1978.

We strive to set an example for leadership and responsibility of caring, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.  Our commitment to caring for animals and wildlife reaches far and wide. In fact, we live and breathe it.


aveda be curly products

Aveda Be Curly Shampoo $28.00/$90.00

Aveda Be Curly Cowash $32.00

Aveda Be Curly Conditioner $32.00/$129.00

Aveda Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque $39.00

Aveda Be Curly Enhancer $31.00

Aveda Be Curly Hairspray $27.00

Aveda Be Curly Style Prep $32.00

aveda Blonde Revival products

Aveda Blonde Revival Purple Toning Shampoo $30.00

Aveda Blonde Revival Purple Toning Conditioner $35.00

Aveda Color Renewal Color and Shine Treatment $40.00

aveda botanical Repair products

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo $36.00/$145.00

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Conditioner $41.00/$165.00

Aveda Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Mask-Light $44.00

Aveda Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque-Rich $65.00

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Leave-In Treatment $41.00

aveda brilliant products

Aveda Brilliant Shampoo $28.00/$90.00

Aveda Brilliant Conditioner $32.00/$129.00

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control $32.00

Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss $32.00

Aveda Brilliant Hairspray $27.00

Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade $31.00

Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade $31.00

Aveda Brilliant Retexturing Gel $27.00

Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Creme $27.00

aveda Cherry Almond products

Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo $20.00/$64.00

Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Conditioner $22.00/$88.00

Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Leave-In Conditioner $30.00

Aveda Cherry Almond Body Lotion $30.00

Aveda Cherry Almond Body Scrub $39.00

Aveda Cherry Almond Hand and Body Wash $26.00

aveda Color Conserve products

Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo $65.00

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo $28.00/$90.00

Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner $32.00/$129.00

aveda Damage Remedy products

Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo $34.00/$109.00

Aveda Damage Remedy Conditioner $39.00/$157.00

Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment $47.00/$123.00

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair $34.00

aveda invati advanced products

Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo Light $36.00

Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo Rich $36.00

Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner $41.00

Aveda Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer $68.00

aveda nutriplenish products

Aveda Nutriplenish Shampoo Light Moisture $36.00/$128.00

Aveda Nutriplenish Conditioner Light Moisture $41.00/$146.00

Aveda Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner $41.00

Aveda Nutriplenish Shampoo Deep Moisture $36.00/$128.00

Aveda Nutriplenish Conditioner LeavDeep Moisture $41.00/$146.00

Aveda Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizing Treatment $41.00

Aveda Nutriplenish Curl Gelee $36.00

Aveda Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil $49.00

aveda Pure Abundance products

Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo $28.00/$90.00

Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Conditioner $32.00/$72.00

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion $31.00

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Spray $27.00

Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep $32.00

aveda Rosemary Mint products

Aveda Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo $20.00/$64.00

Aveda Rosemary Mint Purifying Conditioner $22.00/$70.00

Aveda Rosemary Mint Bath Bar $23.00

Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Lotion $32.00

Aveda Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash $26.00

Aveda Rosemary Mint Candle $50.00

aveda Sap Moss products

Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo $30.00/$54.00

Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo $35.00/$57.00

aveda Scalp Benefits products

Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo $26.00/$82.00

Aveda Scalp Benefits Conditioner $28.00/$113.00

Aveda Scalp Remedy $41.00

aveda Shampure products

Aveda Shampure Nurturing Shampoo $20.00/$64.00

Aveda Shampure Nurturing Conditioner $22.00/$70.00

Aveda Shampowder Dry Shampoo $35.00

Aveda Shampure Heat Relief $35.00

Aveda Shampure Rinseless Refresh $35.00

Aveda Shampure Body Lotion $30.00

Aveda Shampure Hand and Body Wash $26.00

Aveda Shampure Composition Oil $36.00

Aveda Shampure Candle $50.00

aveda smooth infusion products

Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo $30.00/$82.00

Aveda Smooth Infusion Conditioner $35.00/$113.00

Aveda Smooth Infusion Perfect Blow Dry $37.00

Aveda Smooth Infusion Perfectly Sleek $37.00

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother $35.00

aveda sun care products

Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser $28.00

Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque $39.00

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil $39.00

aveda Men’s products

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Shampoo $29.00

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Conditioner $34.00

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Cream $32.00

Aveda Invati Men Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo $38.00

Aveda Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer $68.00

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Firm Hold Gel $32.00

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay $32.00

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade $32.00

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Thickening Paste $32.00

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade $32.00

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Aftershave $38.00

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Shave Cream $24.00

aveda Styling products

Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel $24.00

Aveda Control Paste $34.00

Aveda Air Control $35.00

Aveda Control Force $35.00

Aveda Firmata $27.00

Aveda Witch Haze $27.00

Aveda Flax Seed Aloe $27.00

Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip $31.00

Aveda Light Elements Texturizing Creme $31

Aveda Phomollient $27.00/$26.00

Aveda Speed of Light $38.00

Aveda Texture Tonic $30.00

Aveda Thickening Tonic $34.00

Aveda Volumizing Tonic $29.00

Aveda Paddle Brush $33.00/$25.00

aveda Body products

Aveda Beautifying Radiance Polish $55.00

Aveda Beautifying Body Moisturizer $35.00

Aveda Beautifying Composition Oil $35.00

Aveda Cooling Balancing Oil $26.00/$38.00

Aveda Hand Relief $13.00/$27.00

Aveda Foot Relief $13.00/$27.00

Aveda Stress Fix Body Lotion $33.00

Aveda Stress Fix Body Creme $56.00

Aveda Stress Fix Soaking Salts $48.00

Aveda Stress Fix Body Oil $28.00/$35.00

Aveda Lip Saver $13.00

Aveda Comforting Tea Bags $20.00

Aveda Comforting Loose Tea $40.00