Anton's Model Program

Model Program in Delafield, Wisconsin

The Anton’s Way

As we evolve and progress, our foundation remains rooted in education.



Every new associate from beauty school, nursing college, nail and aesthetics academies, and even professionals currently working in the industry must perform hundreds of practical services and test out before becoming available to offer their expertise to our customers. That’s where you come in! Under the tutelage of our educators, our team perfects their skills, timing, and confidence in a systematic approach where we can offer you some amazing services at some exquisite prices.

Anton’s Model Program

Learn how you can become part of the evolution in Anton’s talent growth.

Our entire staff is committed to continued education. Whether it’s part of our in-house new talent training, or a nationally recognized plastic surgeon’s workshop. Each member of the Anton’s staff is encouraged to prioritize their personal progress. As part of the Anton’s model program, you can play a big part in that growth!

When you become a model, you’ll be among the first to gain access to new techniques, technologies, products, and skill sets that significantly contributed to who we are as a company.

About Our Model Program

Areas of expertise we train and practice in.

Model Program Options

You can become a model client for the following Anton’s offerings:

  • Hair
    All phases of hairdressing.
  • Spa
    All services for our new hires.
  • Medical Spa
    New technology and procedures
  • Nails
    Products and techniques


You must have patience, it takes longer to perform services when an instructor is checking the process and expecting precise outcomes.

You must be open-minded and arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment for preparation, intake/release forms, and consultation.

We will enroll you as a member of our In House model program for ongoing services at privilege pricing.


You will look fabulous at a surprisingly affordable price.

You will receive discounted prices on all retail products.

You can help someone succeed.

Apply today!

Model Application