Botox & Fillers

Botox® From: $12/unit

New Botox® Client* : $9/unit

Botox® has become a sensation in recent years and with good reason. These gentle injections simply help to ease the shape of your face back into a more relaxed, youthful glow. The process is as simple as it is effective and within a very short timeframe, years of wrinkles simply disappear.

Allergen®, the manufacturer of Botox® has awarded Anton’s Salon and MSpa Diamond Level Status. This distinction is based on the high volume of Botox® used at our locations, which results in privilege pricing for our clients.


From: $600

Anton’s utilizes a variety of fillers to achieve a wide range of results. After a thorough consultation with our doctors and/or our registered nurses, the correct filler will be recommended to restore lost volume in areas such as the lips, chin, cheeks and temple. A single treatment can last up to two years.

To achieve a full facial rejuvenation that is balanced and natural looking, we have developed a treatment utilizing Botox and fillers, which result in a look that is both pleasing and refreshed. Prior to any treatment, our aesthetic practitioners will do a complete assessment to determine what treatments will work best for you.

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