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Hair Extensions

Learn more about the hair extensions we offer in Delafield, Wisconsin.

Anton’s will make your desire for thicker, longer, more beautiful hair a reality. Whether your application is for length, volume, color enhancement, or simply to update your current style, this revolutionary system will harmonize beautifully with your natural hair strands. Our certified technicians will share with you in detail exactly what we can accomplish for you based on your specific needs and desired results. Consultation prior to your appointment is required.


Designers expedite precise application with your choice of method many that can be administered in around an hour and are reusable.

They are proven extremely durable and comfortable to live with, while delivering a thicker, fuller and longer appearance. Longevity factors depend on chosen method of application, lifestyle and following maintenance guidelines. Results vary but 6 months to a year is not uncommon. Incredible color options. From natural to statement colors.

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