Pain Management  in Delafield, Wisconsin

Mspa’s Pain Management 

Pain Management

In our practice, we don’t believe that severe pain is a necessary part of improving the way you look and feel.

That’s why we’re proud to offer a pain management programs to help you look your best in comfort.


PRO-NOX Nitrous Oxide Delivery System

The Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide Delivery System is a 50/50 Nitrous/Oxygen analgesic that helps to relieve the pain and anxiety

patients experience during cosmetic and injectable procedures.

  • Safe and effective – used in Dentistry for decades 
  • Patient-administered – empowers the patient to respond to their pain & anxiety when and if they need it.
  • Quick onset- takes effect in seconds
  • Short duration of effect – clears from body within minutes
  • Can be used for the duration with a multitude of procedures

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Other remedies include:

  • Lidocaine: Fast-acting topical anesthetic; 7% strength 
  • Injectable pain blockers: After topical lidocaine is applied a series of injections are administered to the target area
  • Doctor Prescriptions For pre and post procedures. Transportation must be provided
  • Zimmer Cyro Chiller: The positive effects of cold have been proven effective for aggressive Laser services and injectables
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Hear from our clients.

This is my go-to for a quality pedicure. Will not go to cut-rate places anymore. I've seen too many sketchy cleanliness issues. Always such a pleasure to be treated so well here and I know I will receive the best care.

– Christine Slowinski

Client for 8+ years and loved the stylist/"hair-God" I had. In the 18 years of going to a professional for my hair care needs and wants, I didn't ever stick with any 1 stylist or place, and only ever had the feelings of "yeah, this looks better." I'm a loyal and happy client of Anton's now!

– Laurel S. 

I had been going to a chain salon for years out of convenience, and went to Anton's for the first time last night for my post-wedding hair chop. The facility was nice and clean, staff was friendly, and it was easy to book an appointment. Faron did an amazing job with creating my new look and I will be going back.

– Susan L

Morgan did a great job coloring my hair. Definitely worth the price!

– Rebecca Karnopp

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