Vitamin Injections

vitamin injections in Delafield, Wisconsin

Vitamin Injections

Experience natural vitamin injections in Delafield, Wisconsin.


Roll up your sleeve and feel better. We live fast paced, frenetic lives and rarely stop to evaluate our health. Eating on the go is a daily routine for many. When a proper diet is not always an option, and life gets in the way, many deficiencies can develop.

All of our vitamin injections are safe, natural, and approved by the FDA for treating some vitamin deficiency symptoms. Over 90 percent of people are deficient in at least one or more nutrients.


Learn more about the benefits our vitamin injections in Delafield offers.

Vitamin B-complex: A combination of 8 distinct B vitamins necessary for overall wellness and offer an effective way to boost energy and kickstart metabolism.

Vitamin B-12: Helps maintain good health and has been shown to be beneficial in reducing stress and fatigue.

Vitamin C: Is an antioxidant that boosts the immune system and encourages thicker collagen growth for great looking skin.

Vitamin D: For healthy bones and teeth. Regulates insulin levels-supports lung function and cardiovascular health.

CoQ10: Is an antioxidant compound necessary for the production of cellular energy which diminishes as we age.

Lipotropic Injections: Helps the body process and eliminate fat administered  1 to 2 times a week in the beginning then once a month.

Biotin injections – B7: Used for the promotion of hair growth and improvement of fine, fragile, or thinning hair. Perfect for brittle nails. Once a week for 3 months

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Conditions it Treats

Our Vitamin Injections specialists can help to address the following issues:


  • Vitamin B Complex- Signs of depression, anemia, pale skin disorders, poor digestive issues, lethargy and fatigue.
  • Vitamin B12 – Muscle weakness, balance and coordination issues, mood changes and cognitive decline.
  • Vitamin C – Rough bumpy skin, dry skin, hair and nails, easy bruising, painful swollen joints and poor immune systems.
  • Vitamin D –  Bone and back pain, impaired wound healing, hair loss, muscle pain and weight gain.
  • CoQ10 – High blood pressure, statin side effects, migraines and decreased power during exercise.
  • Lipotropic – Weight gain, high cholesterol, sluggish low energy, insomnia.
  • Biotin –  Excessive hair loss, erythematous dermatitis [red scaly skin] around eyes, nose and mouth.
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How it Works

Learn more about what how our treatment work.

Step 1

Once it is determined you are a good candidate, an approved treatment plan is agreed upon and your expert will administer the procedure.

Step 2

Your vitamin injection is delivered intramuscularly, which allows it to bypass the minimizing effects of the digestive system for 100% absorption into the cells, offering immediate results. We also work with local personal fitness trainers in and around Delafield, Wisconsin to ensure injections perform at their best.

step 3

To help you get more of rejuvenating vitamin injections, we offer:

  • Packages pricing
  • Anton’s Advantage points
  • Goal programs

Many of our patients are enjoying the results of these services along with substantial savings from our frequent buyers club and loyalty points for each dollar spent. It’s fast, beneficial, and pro-active. The consultation is free and you can do it online or phone us for more details 262)-646-9888.

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