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Looking for waxing in Delafield, Wisconsin? Anton’s team of waxing experts can help.

Though a seemingly simple undertaking, the right wax selection and the right wax technician make a huge difference in expected outcomes.

Our specialists have curated a variety of specific waxes, which are effectively administered as painlessly as possible. Respecting everyone’s safety, our techs wear non-latex gloves, masks, use only disposable applicators, solo wax warming cups, and exam paper chair covers.

Waxing Treatments


from 20

Lip or Chin

from 18

Lip and Chin

from 31

Full Face

from 59

Nose or Ears

from 18


from 25

Half Arm

from 35

Full Arm

from 50

Full Bikini

from 40


from 75

Half Leg

from 45

Full Leg

from 85

Full Leg with Bikini

from 120

Full Leg with Brazilian

from 150


Chest and stomach

from 75

Back and shoulder

from 75


from 95


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Because waxing removes the hair from the hair bulb instead of the surface, hair grows back (or reaches the surface) significantly slower. Numerous clients are surprised at how quickly their hair changes, and the results only get better the longer you wax. Waxing also provides skin a mechanical exfoliation that leaves it soft and refreshed.

Depending on the area of the body and hair type, a professional waxing can last anywhere between four to six weeks.

The Results

Waxing is one of the more efficient non-laser techniques for hair removal.

Proper waxing causes slower, softer, and finer regrowth than shaving, which can cause hair to return sharp, coarse, and prone to ingrowth. After waxing, skin is typically smooth for two to three weeks; the fourth or fifth week hair begins to grow in for about a week.

New hair growth is normally fine and soft, and if you refrain from shaving between waxing it will be less visible. Consistency is paramount; the more you wax, the more your skin and hair adapts, and the longer you can go between visits.

Waxing Guidelines

Pre-Waxing Guidelines 

Ensure your waxing treatment is a success by following these guidelines before your treatment.

  • Let hair grow before your treatment; avoid shaving
  • Don’t use Accutane, Retin, or Renova
  • Please notify us if your taking any medication topically or orally
  • Waxing isn’t ideal for skin recovering from: Chemicals peels, microdermabrasion, laser or medical skincare treatment, or sunburns

Wax selection depends on many variables; communicating your allergies and medication is essential. We are not limited to just one line of wax and have the ability to apply a medical-grade, natural, soy-based emollient with the same techniques.

Waxing Guidelines

Post-Waxing Guidelines 

Ensure your waxing treatment is a success by following these guidelines after your treatment.

  • Avoid touching skin and sanitize cell phone.
  • Avoid exercise, tight clothes, hot showers, sun exposure
  • Use sun screen and cold compresses to soothe irritation; use warm compress for ingrown hair
  • Use antibiotic ointment like cortisone cream, light powder, or mineral makeup
  • Use moisturizer and/or aloe Vera gel if the skin is red
  • Avoid heavy-sweating exercise, alcohol, heavily perfumed products and exfoliation

Waxing itself doesn’t cause breakouts; bacteria that enter the open pores post-waxing do. Keep areas clean, dry, and moisturized to avoid post-waxing breakouts. There are a number of products available for after waxing procedures Fur and TendSkin are our current best sellers.


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