Botox and Dysport

Botox and Dysport is a neuromodulator treatment of the face that maintains natural expression while improving fine lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead, and around the eyes. Treatments can typically last up to 3 months.

From 12.50
Millions of people rely on regular Botox injections to look younger for longer than nature intended. Our medical professionals are known for their meticulous injection technique and for achieving a refreshed, natural look that does not appear frozen or overdone.
From 5
Dysport is one of the most popular neuromodulators as an alternative to Botox. For many people, Dysport is the most effective option. Its thinner formula works wonders on certain facial areas.


Hyaluronic acid fillers temporarily lift, plump, hydrate, and restore facial balancing as we age. Areas can include, lips, smile lines, marionette lines, cheeks, chin, and jawline.

Dermal Fillers
From 700 / syringe
With our extensive filler collection (Juvederm, Restylane, Revanesse) and customized treatment creates structure, subtleness, volume and hydration in the middle to upper area of the face, cheek, and jawline.

Fat Cell Reduction

From 2,400 / treatment
Permanently dissolves unwanted fullness in the chin and facial regions to improve the appearance and profile of the chin.


Temporarily stimulate your own collagen and hyaluronic acid production, giving you a natural alternative as we age.

From 800 / vial
Sculptra enhances the skin’s structure by naturally stimulating collagen production, resulting in firmer and smoother cheeks and tighter skin around the jawline.
From 700 / treatment
A skin quality treatment that works beneath the skin surface designed to increase hydration, improve smoothness and reduce fine lines in cheeks.

Vitamin Boosters

B12 / Super B / Vitamin D / Biotin / Tri-immune
From 40 each
Water and fat soluble vitamins help balance and restore the body.